Regulatory Compliance Services


Quality Assurance Services, Inc. conducts audits designed to assure compliance with the facility’s Radioactive Material License, to help satisfy JCAHO and State Radiological Health Department requirements, and to assist the facility in maintaining a safe environment. A report of each audit is provided to the facility containing any recommendations on items requiring attention.

Specific items included in the survey are as follows

Gamma Camera and other equipment

review daily gamma camera/PETquality control
review gamma camera/PET resolution studies
system calibrations (i.e., well counter, uptake probe - 90 day intervals)
review daily operational checks (i.e., well counter, uptake probe)
counting efficiency (i.e., well counter, uptake probe - 90 day intervals)
perform annual calibration of GM survey meters
review xenon trap efficiency (30 day intervals)
review or perform room air flow (each room where xenon studies are
      being performed – intervals as specified in the license)

Dose Calibrator

review of quality assurance records
check the accuracy using three (3) standard sources (Co-57, Cs-137,
      and Ba-133 - annually)
evaluate or perform quarterly linearity
perform geometry as needed
check the dose calibrator performance over the full range of nuclides

Sealed Sources

perform semi-annual leak test
inventory all sources maintained in the department every quarter

Records and Safety Procedures

• review records of radiation surveys and evaluate the results
• review receipt and disposal records
• assist the department in developing and evaluating the safety procedures
• provide radiation safety training
• review ALARA program (annual interval)
• review Total Quality Management (TQM) program
• review misadministrations records
• attend Radiation Safety Committee meeting
• review Radiation Safety Committee meeting minutes
• review written polices

Personnel exposures

• review personnel exposure records
• assist in the development of procedures to maintain low exposures.


• monitor the RAM license conditions and initiate procedures to meet
      those conditions
• preparation of simple amendment request
• review possession limits
• review authorization to administer radioactive materials
• reviews authorized users
• posting requirements

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