Quality Assurance Services, Inc.
Management, Staff and Associates

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  Susan Deacon
Medical Health Physicist
  Glenn Deacon
Senior Vice President
Senior Physicist – Medical, Nuclear, and Health Physics - DABR
  Russ Deacon
Vice President, Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Diagnostic and Medical Health Physicist
  Shelley Becker
Vice President, Nuclear Medicine and P.E.T.
Medical Nuclear and Medical Health Physicist
  Karen Hess
Medical Physicist and Quality Management Specialist
  Don Holmes
Medical and Health Physicist
  Colin Anderson-Evans
Medical Physicist - CHP
  Jonathan Casey
Medical Physicist
  Zachary Johnson
Medical Physicist
  Juan Bugarin
Radiation Safety Specialist
  Brendie Clyne
Ultrasound Specialist
  Stephen Godbold
Imaging Specialist
  Victoria Garcia
Administrative Manager
  Jonathan Weiner
ACR Administrative Assistant
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