Fluoroscopic Imaging Services

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• KVp accuracy testing
• Half value layer testing
• Exposure output testing
         5 R/min limit verification for the standard
       10 R/min limit verification for the maximum
       20 R/min limit verification for any boost mode
• High contrast resolution checks
• Low contrast resolution checks
• Entrance skin exposure evaluation
• Monitor evaluation
• Verify the 5-minute timer functions
• Verify the automatic collimation functions
• Verify deadman switch functions
• Check of the general electrical and mechanical
    condition of the equipment
• Verify the lead drapes are in good condition
• Post radiation safety instructions,pregnancy
    warning sign, and so forth
• Assure outside warning lights function
• Assure personnel protective apparel is available
• Assure all lights, switches, and knobs function
• Review technologist QC programs

  Cardio-Cath Lab

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