Why Select QAS for Your Medical and Health
Physics Support Services?


•  9 full time Physicists, 2 Part-time Physicists, and 1 Associate Physicist to service all diagnostic imaging modalities.

•  All Physicists are practicing Radiation Safety Officers and are licensed or registered in multiple states.

•  We provide Physicist services for Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine/PET, and Research Facilities.

•  Over 100 years of collective knowledge of NRC and Agreement States Regulations.

•  Our Physicists conduct objective surveys and audits that meet the requirements for JCAHO Standards, STATE and FEDERAL Regulations, and ACR Accreditation Requirements.

•  FFinancially prudent: 12 consulting Physicists as compared to 1 full-time employees salary and benefits.

•  We have all of the phantoms and necessary test equipment to do acceptance testing, required annual testing, and ACR Accreditation testing.

•  We are licensed to conduct survey meter calibrations and to perform sealed source leak testing.

•  Our reputation with the inspection community results in a favorable impression of your facility.

•  We are the only company in the State of California licensed to use our radioactive source at the customer's facility to determine the radiation attenuation of existing walls and doors.

•  We are committed to maintaining our expertise in keeping abreast of the ever changing and increasing regulations and complex technologies of today's imaging systems.

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